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Energy Independence For Your Home

JB Solar Corp takes care of everything for you. From start to finish we are there for you - JB Solar Corp will always be on hand to support your system's ongoing operation, address any pre - post installation concerns, and help evaluate your system's performance throughout the warranty period.

Step One - Free Solar Consultation

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After you have selected JB Solar Corp, one of our Solar Experts will call you to schedule a date and time for our Free On-Site Analysis. Our free site analysis consists of visiting your home to conduct a detailed energy usage study and site evaluation to determine which solar energy system best fits your energy independence needs.

Step Two - Proposal and Financing

After our on-site Energy Audit is concluded, our Energy Expert will prepare and submit a financial package for 100% funding approval of your renewable system. Possible funding methods include Buying, Renting, Rent-to-Own, Leasing, Grants and Purchase Power Agreement (PPA). Once approved, you will be offered an inclusive "Renewable Energy Proposal" for your home that outlines your energy independence goals.

The Renewable Energy Proposal consists of a system design, equipment list and specifications, energy cost/benefit analysis, and all associated renewable energy and energy efficiency rebates, incentives and tax credits. Once you approve our proposal, we will create a "Renewable Energy Agreement" that presents our contract terms and conditions, rebate and incentives forms, and utility interconnection requirements.

Step Three - System Design and Permits

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All system designs comply with the National Electric Code and abide by state rules and regulations. JB Solar Corp uses North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioner (NABCEP) designers for your solar energy system design.

All system designs comply with the National Electric Code and abide by local rules and regulations. Upon review, modification, and approval of your system design, all construction permits will be obtained and renewable equipment will be ordered, and one of our Energy Project Managers will be assigned to your project.

Step Four - System Installation & Implementation

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Upon arrival of the solar panels and parts, our professional crew will begin installing your photovoltaic solar system. Our crews arrive each day and work in a respectful and courteous manner. They will leave the site clean each evening.

Our system installation crews are productive, professional, and courteous - Installations are generally completed within 3-5 days depending on size and complexity.

Step Five - System Maintenance & Warranty

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Upon completion of your system installation, you will be given a "Renewable Energy System Package" that consists of system details, warranty information, maintenance instructions, all product specifications, as well as instructions on how to inspect your system for continuous optimal energy generation performance.